People automatically assume that I am a blues man and that my band is a "Blues Band", but in reality nothing could be further from the truth.  Don't get me wrong, we play a lot of blues!  Oh yes we do!  We also play a lot of old school classic rock, and some other styles of music during a concert. I purposefully chose to include the term blues in the name of my band to let people know right from the start that when they come to a show, they can expect to hear blues music.

I was born in 1958 and coming of age in the late 1960's and 1970's I witnessed an era when blues and blues based music was a huge part of any bands live show. Then over the years it fell to the wayside, until recently when you can search for weeks to find a band that even plays one blues based song during an entire 3 set evening.   One night in 2009 I gave my notice to the cover band I was working in, and decided to create a band like the bands I loved back in the 70's.  I knew it wouldn't be anywhere near as popular as the modern country cover bands, or the cover bands dedicated to dance music that fill many clubs each weekend, but I knew that there had to be people out there just like me that felt like they were missing something. So I launched this band and never looked back.   Sure enough over time our band did attract people who like the same things I do, and I have to say I have never been as musically happy. Over the years many very talented musicians have graced the stage with me as members of my band and the current line-up is probably the best I have ever had the privilege to make music with.


MICK KIRCHNER    Keyboards


Over the years and from time to time I would always run into the Jill Gallagher Band, a really cool group fronted by an extremely talented lady that the band was named after.  In that band was a cool cat who played Keyboards for the group and we struck up a friendship. A couple years ago when the group dissolved after a 12 year run, I was lucky enough to get Mick Kirchner, that same keyboardist to join forces with my band.

   Mick has been part of the music scene in the Berkshires since the 1970's. Mick claims John Lord of Deep Purple, Keith Emerson of ELP, Rick Wakeman of Yes, as well as Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea as the main influences on his style of playing. Over the years Mick has developed his own distinct style of playing relying heavily on Hammond organ, Rhoades EP, Clavinet, and classic Synth leads.

   "I've been lucky enough to have played with a lot of great musicians, in all sorts of bands, everything from Blues to Classic R&B, to Fusion Jazz, and even wedding band stuff.  I was luck enough to work with many talented people that always pushed me forward, helping me to develop as a musician. Arthur and the guys are one of the best examples."


Mick is also a songwriter and composer and continues to write as well as perform. He says now it is mostly jazz pieces, that he enjoys weaving interesting chord patterns into while layering tracks as ideas come to him.

   Mick is a multi-instrumentalist, playing rhythm guitar, blues harp, mandolin, and tenor banjo.